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"Learning About Joins" Snowflower Flake

10-Point Snowflake

2011 Snowflake

3 Snowflake Patterns

* 3D Snowflake

* 5 Point Beaded Snowflake

6 Point Flake

April Snowflakes

Beaded Snowflake

* Belleflake

Betsy Snowflake

+ Block Tatted Snowflake

Blue & Silver Flake

Bugle Snowflake

Candlelight Snowflake

Carloyn Groves Springtime Snowflake

+ Celtic Snowflake

* Celtic Snowflake

Celtic Snowflake

Celtic Star or Snowflake

* Celtic Twisted Ring Snowflake

Chill Snowflake

Christmas Snowflake

Clover Flake

Clover Snowflake

* Cluny Flower/Snowflake

Connie's Snowflake

Crystals in a Ring

Daisy Picot Snowflake

Daisy Picot Snowflake

December Daydream

+ Double/Quadruple Picot Snowflake

Double/Triple Picot Snowflake



Elmo's Snowflake

Featherline Snowflake

First Christmas Snowflake 2012

Fluffy Snowflake

* Flurry Snowflake


* Garden Snowflake

* Gloria Snowflake

Gold & Sequined Flake

Hearts in a Snowflake

Holiday Snowflake

Holly Berry Snowflake

Ice Crystal Snowflake

Incipient Snowflake

January Reflections

Just a Little Snowflake

Layered Snowflakes

Le Flocon

Lenore English's Snowflake in Tatting and Hairpin Lace

Linda Evans' March Snowflake

Luster Snowflake

Magic Moment Snowflake

May Snowflake of the Month

Merry Christmas Snowflake

Mini Green Flake

* Neue Schiffchenspitzen Inspired Snowflake

November Nostalgia

October Enchantment

October Snowflake of the Month

* OctoStarFlake

Onion Ring Snowflake (and Edging)

Pinwheel Snowflake

Quantiesque Snowflake

Quick Snowflake Patterns


Riet's Snowflake 5

Rings only Snowflake with Beads

Rita's Snowflake

Rose Window

SCMR Flowers Snowflake

September Serenade

September Snowflake - 3

September Snowflake 1

September Snowflake 2

September Snowflake 3

Sequin Flake

Six Snowflake Expanded

* Small 3D Snowflake

* Small Snowflake With Mock Rings

Snow Crystal

Snow Flake A

Snow Flake B






+ Snowflake

* Snowflake


Snowflake #3

* Snowflake - with a difference!

Snowflake 1

+ Snowflake 1

* Snowflake 1 - on ring

Snowflake 2

+ Snowflake 2

* Snowflake 2004

* Snowflake 2004

* Snowflake 2007

* Snowflake 3 - on ring

* Snowflake 4 - on ring

Snowflake 6

Snowflake Based on Heart Doily

Snowflake Based on Heart Doily

Snowflake Button

Snowflake Designing Primer

Snowflake Designs

Snowflake Doily

Snowflake Doily

Snowflake Earrings

Snowflake of the Month: An Antique Pattern

* Snowflake on a Paper Clip

* Snowflake on CD - Celtic Style

Snowflake on Ring

* Snowflake on Ring - Celtic Style

Snowflake Seven-Star

Snowflake Seven-Star

Snowflake Suncatcher

* Snowflake With Beads

Snowflake with Block Tatting

Snowflake's Blizzard



* Snowflake’s Blizzard

* Snowsettia (Poinsettia Snowflake)

Sparkle Flake

Split Ring Snowflake

Split Ring Snowflake

Split Ring Snowflake

Springtime Snowflake

Star of David Snowflake

Star of David Snowflake, Ornament , or Suncatcher

Star-Spangled Snowflake


Stars And Snowflakes


Superbowl Sunday Birthday Snowflake

Superbowl Sunday Snowflake

Superbowl Sunday Snowflake

* Superbowl Sunday Snowflake

Susan Taliaferro's Snowflake

Susan's First Snowflake

* Taina Flower & Snowflake

Take 5 Snowflake

Tatted Snowflakes Collection

The Hen & Chicks Snowflake

+ Three Snowflakes

Threes Snowflake

Tiny Snowflakes

Trefoil Snowflake

* Two Color Snowflake

* Two Colour Snowflake

+ Very First Snowflake

White Snowflakes

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