Wearables & Accessories

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A Simple NIN Bonnet

Aline Hixon Cuthbert's Antique Collar

Antique Collar

Baby's Bonnet

Barefoot Sandals

Beaded Belt

Betties Ribbon

Black Lace Mask

Black Tatted Mask

* Bride's Garter

* Bride's Garter

Butterfly Yoke


Camisole Yoke Antique

Child's Collar



Crown Of Glory

* Crystal Tiara

Crystal Tiara

* Crystal Tiara

Graduation Cap

Hanky Bonnet

Mardi Gras Mask


* Merry NIN Bonnet

Metternich Cravate

* Miniature Hat

* Mother of Pearl Buttons

Queen Mom Memorial Crown

Red Hat

* Red Hat

* Sassie Lassie Hats


Tatted Anklet

Tatted Bikini Top

Tatted Booties

Tatted Mask

* Tatted Red Hat

+ Tatted Scrunchie

Tatted Tie


Wedding Shawl

* Zipper Pulls

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